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Guaranteed Sales Growth Through the Press 1 Campaign

Introducing our satisfaction guarantee: with the use of the Press1 Campaign, you are sure to see a positive impact on sales growth.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to gain maximum customer leads with press 1 voice broadcasting. Now is the time to take your marketing campaign to the next level and start seeing results quickly. Sign up today for a free trial and discover just how easy it is to use this powerful feature!


Transfer the Call with a Button

Customers need to have the option to either listen to the broadcasted message or talk with a customer care representative. Press 1 Campaign will allow them to just press 1 button on their phones and they will instantly be connected with a live person to make them understand better or to resolve their issue or query.

Features of the Press 1 Campaign


With just a few clicks, you can customize the entire campaign, along with the broadcast message and script.

Record Your Calls

Create a scope of improvement by studying your previously recorded calls. By providing easy access to the calls, you will get maximum improvement.

Seamless Transfers

Easily transfer calls to multiple numbers and use unique numbers for different campaigns.


Pick a date and time for the campaign and schedule the campaign for maximum effectiveness of the message.

Perks of Using the Press 1 Campaign

Personal Touch

Personalize the campaign as per the recipient to give them a personal touch in the message.

24X7 Support

Whenever you face trouble using this service, you have us to help you out 24X7.

Pay for Answered Calls

None of your unanswered calls will be charged by our system, which will save you tonnes of money.

Monitor the Calls

Get an insight into the campaign by live monitoring your calls, including live and on-hold calls, at the dashboard.

Why Fortius is the Right Choice?

Guaranteed Uptime

With an over 98% uptime guarantee, Fortius is the leading name with this much uptime.

Priority Support

Every client is our priority, and we take special measures to help them in any way possible. Connect with us through email, call, or live chat to get your solutions.

Great Pricing

With the best service comes a great price, but not at Fortius. Here you will get the best service, but at a comparatively low price.